Digital Denture Solution

The Complete

From impression to final in as little as 2 appointments*

Using our patented smile tray impression system, this allows you to record anterior finial tooth position including midline, cant, lip profile and incisal length in the very first appointment.

*using our proprietary Smile Tray

Grow your clinic or laboratory capacity without increasing overhead costs

Unlike other digital denture systems, the Evolution Denture System requires no capital investment to start, simply submit an order and receive a high-quality precise fitting denture inside a week.




Our specialty dental resins and proprietary process provide an unmatched strength advantage when compared to conventional dentures. Combine this with an ultra precision fit and you can quickly see how the Evolution Dentures are engineered to last.

You choose between a conventional analogue or digital technique

Conventional Impression

Bite Block

Denture Try-In

Smile Tray

Meet our Smile Tray 


Our unique, proprietary impression taking system allows you to capture both patient's soft tissue record and intended smile in your very first appointment


Implant dentures

Osteon's Nexus solution is a complete digital full arch implant solution. One universal frame digitally designed with an unlimited range of restorative overlay possibilities.

Implant Hybrid

Bar Retained Overdenture

Abutment Retained Overdentue

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